This, my dearest, is a global song

Open all of your senses and marvel along

When your heart fills with wonder, let it voice into words

An ode to our Mother

May this hymn be heard



This song is an invitation to marvel at our beautiful beloved planet.

By bringing our personal odes together in a global song, I wish to emphasise how we are all connected. 

Sharing one planet in the richness of our diversity.


Marvel along

You are warmly invited to add a verse to this song. I am encourageing you to write in your mother tongue, and to let yourself be inspired by your personal connection to Earth. What is it she makes you marvel at? What do you love about our planet? What part of her do you wish for everyone to sense?


You can adopt my melody or create your own, as long as it matches the chord scheme. This you can download here.

When they’re ready, please send your lyrics and/or a recording of your verse to, so that I can learn it.

In time, a new, expanded version of Mother will be recorded, including your verse. So that she may keep growing.


Are words not your favourite language? 

Would you rather celebrate Earth with an instrument? Or do you feel drawn to contribute in another way?

I would absolutely love to hear from you! Let’s co-create and celebrate together.

Thank you so much for participating in this ode to Earth.